Tibalt the Chaotic | Mystery Booster(ミステリーブースター)収録カード

Tibalt the Chaotic | Mystery Booster(ミステリーブースター)収録カード

MTG「Mystery Booster」の収録カード

Tibalt the Chaotic(R&D Playtest cards)



Tibalt the Chaotic
Legendary Planeswalker — Tibalt
+1: Cast a copy of one of the following cards chosen at random—Ignorant Bliss(無知の喜び), Crack the Earth(大地割り), Blazing Volley(猛火の斉射).
−3: Cast a copy of one of the following cards chosen at random—Seething Song(煮えたぎる歌), Dance with Devils(悪魔と踊る), Flamebreak(火炎崩れ).
−6: Cast a copy of one of the following cards chosen at random—Hellion Eruption(乱暴者の噴火), Insurrection(暴動), Warp World(歪んだ世界).


  • Ignorant Bliss is an instant card with mana cost {1}{R} and the ability “Exile all cards from your hand face down. At the beginning of the next end step, return those cards to your hand, then draw a card.”
  • Crack the Earth is . . . you know what? The Oracle™ card reference for all nine specified cards can be found at Gatherer.Wizards.com.
  • The copy is created outside the game. After the copy resolves, it ceases to exist.
  • You cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Note that this is unique to Tibalt and is not the normal process for casting a copy of a card. If this card survived playtesting, we’d probably add words to make it more obvious.
  • You cast the copy while Tibalt’s ability is resolving. You can’t wait to cast it later in the turn.


MTG「ミステリーブースター」の「R&D Playtest cards」は、マジックフェスト等の大会で使用される「Convention Edition」のパックに限定収録されるカードです。

また、「R&D Playtest cards」はパック15枚中に1枚封入という封入率仕様となっています。

 MTG「ミステリーブースター TEST CARD」カードリストまとめ


捜査の達人、アルキスト・プロスト(Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth) 混沌の守護者、ラクドス(Rakdos, Patron of Chaos) 法の超越者、オレリア(Aurelia, the Law Above) ウォジェクの調査員(Wojek Investigator) 答えの要求 稲妻のらせん