Animate Spell | Mystery Booster(ミステリーブースター)収録カード

Animate Spell | Mystery Booster(ミステリーブースター)収録カード

MTG「Mystery Booster」の収録カード

Animate Spell(R&D Playtest cards)



Enchantment — Aura
Enchant instant or sorcery spell on the stack
When CARDNAME becomes attached to an instant or sorcery, put that card onto the battlefield under its owner’s control. It’s a creature in addition to its other types with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost.
When CARDNAME leaves the battlefield, enchanted card’s owner sacrifices it unless they cast it.


  • Animate Spell loses “enchant instant or sorcery spell on the stack” and gains “enchant permanent put onto the battlefield with Animate Spell” before becoming attached to that creature. It doesn’t say that on the card, but we’ll figure it out later.
  • Use the converted mana cost of the spell to determine the power and toughness of the creature it becomes. For a spell with {X} in its mana cost, use the value chosen for X to determine its converted mana cost.
  • If the creature leaves the battlefield before or at the same time as Animate Spell, it can’t be cast.
  • While resolving Animate Spell’s last ability, the spell is cast from the battlefield. As it moves to the stack, it stops being a creature. Its controller must pay its costs if they wish to cast it.


MTG「ミステリーブースター」の「R&D Playtest cards」は、マジックフェスト等の大会で使用される「Convention Edition」のパックに限定収録されるカードとなっています。

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